Unleash the Designer in You

LIONS RecWeek, Colayco Pavilion, August 28-31, 2018


UX Society is a student-run organization that advocates and practices human-centered design in solving problems in the community.


UX Society aims to nurture designers who are passionate about solving problems in the community through human-centered design.


UX Society empowers people through design education, enlightens them to the power of design, and nurtures them to create meaningful products for the community.

Our Core Values

Champion authentic user empathy

We at UX Society will always strive to empathize with our members. We listen to your needs, suggestions, opinions, and goals in the organization and translate these into projects, events, and initiatives to serve you better.

Foster a collaborative environment

At UX Society, you will never be alone. Every project or initiative is done in a collaborative manner. Everyone is part of the team. Don't be afraid to ask for help, mentorship, or advice.

Value delivery over perfection

We want to maximize the value we give to our members. We believe that what we do does not have to be perfect to produce strong results. Completion produces results. Perfectionism delays and kills results.

Maintain a shared sense of purpose

Our advocacy is what binds us together in UX Society. This is our north star. Everything we do is always guided by our drive to establish the important role of design in the community through the products we create, the events we hold, the speakers we invite, and the chapters we create.

Establish and uphold standards of quality

We believe that the quality of work we put out in the community represents who we are as an organization. Therefore, we aspire to create the best products that will not only help the community, but create an awareness that will transform people's perception of design.

Who are we looking for?

Students who are interested in...

User Research

Learn about user needs, behaviors, and motivations. Here, we discover the kind of impact our design has on people. Great at talking to people, especially strangers? This is for you!

Visual and UX Design

Have a knack at designing? Create user interfaces, illustrations, and posters with us! We have great mentors who will teach you everything you need to know!

Web Development

Want to understand how to develop websites that are designed well? Challenge yourself and apply to our team! This is a great asset to have for web developers.

What are you waiting for?

Visit our booth in Colayco Pavilion and join us this August 28, 2018